Let’s rule the world!


We are the young, curious, smart ones. The next big thing. Full of energy and wanderlust. We’re living for the laugh and kicks. Together we make miles and memories as much as we can. Our drive? Ruling the world. The pitch, the dancefloor, the city… our playground. Our world. Where there is no difference between black and white. We believe in the power of blue. Let's celebrate life and share the love for denim. Yeah, let us rule. For sure, together we make the world a bit more handsome.
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The world is at our feet. We rock and 'rule', together. Responsibly. Yes, we wanna live big, empower our skills and talents, succeed, but grow up as that freaking good human being. Who we are? We are Rellix. Jeans junkies who want it all. The full feelgood package. Living live to the max. Without hate or making mother nature mad. In fact: we’re addicted to blue, but we love (to work with) ‘green’ materials. We call ourselves trail seekers and happy dreamers. Modern explorers. Wild and free as much as we can. We love to travel, but we hate to arrive. Welcome to our world. The jungle of jeans and joy...jump in!
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